Chandler Fulton Pritchett (radrover) wrote in 00_asms_reunion,
Chandler Fulton Pritchett

Jeff e-mailed me today to tell me
"I just booked bangkok.
Bangkok is 17.95 a head. Tip and tax is 23 a head. 30 people is $690.

Dinner 690/ 30 = 23
Lunch = 5
snacks = 3

Risk = $31

If we charge your class $40, we can do this.

But we've got a problem here.
The amount we can make should cover the amount we invest.
BUT we do not physically have the risk money.
We've got a little over a grand in the bank, and we're risking about $1500 for
the two class reunions.

If we go with bangkok I'll need someone (like you) to charge the meal and get
reimbursed for it after the checks from the reunion payers have cleared.
It's a lot to ask, but it's the driving reason we were going for a cheaper meal.

What are your thoughts? Want to do bangkok anyway?"

Any insight?
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